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Made with Unity Game Engine

Experimental gameplay mechanics 👾🤖🎮🕹

It's a kinematic feedback based retro video game featuring my avatar as the main character that allows users to play classic games like "PacMan", "Street Fighter", "Space Invaders", and "Super Mario" in a digital arcade room using a dance mat as a game controller. Users become their own joystick as they are challenged to use their feet in movement based gameplay to navigate through this extremely fun virtual experience fit for all ages.

Nothing but nostalgia

I made a simple 2D retro arcade game inspired by the classic Super Mario.

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A community consensus building platform

I joined IDEO's R&D lab for a week-long design sprint centered around their Collaborative Cities portfolio. I used the Unity game engine to build a narrative-complete, minimum viable product: a 3D interactive customer-facing web app.

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About IDEO CoLab Sprint

Our goal was to 'trim the fat' off the development process. In our expert interviews, one thing was very clear: the development process can go on for what seems like forever.

We designed an intervention that will allow developers to have shorter development release cycles. Our prototype specifically targets the community's planning approval phase, which is considered the most problematic part of the process because communities tend to be skeptical of developers' intentions, which adds a 6 month to a year waiting period to the overall process.

Neighborgood turned out to be our solution!


This platform is an open, inclusive, and flexible web-based community consensus-building tool that gives neighbors in the community an opportunity to contribute feedback for ongoing development projects in their neighborhood to ultimately come to a win-win solution. 

Gotta catch 'em all!

Engage in a playful adventure of catching easter eggs before the Easter Bunny hides them all in Easterland.

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Get Funked Up


Take a ride on the vinyl record player spaceship through the cosmos for the funkiest experience of your life. 


Get Funked Up is a unique immerse experience inspired by the science fiction genre, AfroFuturism, and classic & contemporary funk music. This feel-good Virtual Reality (VR) experience is soundtracked by timeless hits from the Parliament, Erykah Badu, Slim & the Family Stone, FKA Twigs, Funkadelic, Childish Gambino, Sunni Colon, and Jay Versace. Select the album covers and listen.

Augmented reality greeting card

I wanted to send season's greetings to my family and friends with an AR holiday card. To put the card in its proper environment, I made a mock-commercial for Hallmark.

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