Wearable Tech


Concept: With this project I remixed Afrofuturism with pop-culture to produce a variety of retro-cyberpunk Chindogu accessories — that are purposefully nonfunctional but only useful for being aesthetically fashionable.


I remixed pieces of media, mainly adornments, altering them from their original state by adding, removing, and/or changing pieces, to transform them into new products of value. 

Background: Chindogu (珍道具) is the art of the unuseless idea--an invention of a gadget that solves an everyday problem.

Invented by Japanese inventor, Kenji Kawakami, Chindogu is a philosophy of bizarre and logic-defying gadgets and gizmos, which must work but are actually entirely impractical. Created in the spirit of anarchy, unuseless inventions are not allowed to be patented or sold. These are hilarious inventions that have significant social embarrassment attached to them.

Year: 2019

Medium: Mixed-media wearable technology

© 2020 By Brandi Kinard.